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Porter and Chester Institute Reviews

Enfield, Rocky Hill, Watertown, Branford, Suffield, Chicopee Massachusetts

Porter & Chester Reviews

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K says :

Wow I was planning on enrolling in the dental assisting program at the Porter & Chester Institute Chicopee campus for January. I’m extremely grateful for this many other reviews about the school. I will definitely not be attending PCI and will invest my money and time into a real accredited school where I will have a promising start for my future as I’m only 19. Thanks again to everyone who has exposed this school for what it really is.



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YC says :

I was also planning to help my son to pay for Porter & Chester Institute (electrical program). We just went there and the cost is 27,000 from which 23,000 is out of the pocket expenses. (students loans). I am so glad I read this review.


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Former Instructor

..."Porter and Chester is a for profit business. They will admit anyone willing to pay the tuition. Many of the students were recent high school graduates who brought with them the same work ethic that they displayed in HS. I felt bad for everyone. The students with a real work ethic never got the education they deserved and the immature students learned nothing except that they were responsible for the student loan money they wasted".



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Anonymous says:

Porter and Chester over in Chicopee was a freaking joke of a school and a total complete waste of time and I am saying this right now that this place sucked big time. The selection of classes seemed decent as they offered a variety of courses such as dental assistant, Electrician courses and computer course and a few other courses but the course I ended up taking was an automotive course and the course sucked big time. I was disappointed because I felt that the course was just crap and I didn't learn much from it so this sucked. It was pretty much all basic stuff that I could have learnt from a friend so this did suck a bit.

I didn't learn anything useful during the course and it was quite boring. Now the money it cost to go to this crap school was crazy and it ran me around fifteen thousand dollars which was a rip off and I was told that credits may not be able to transfer and this was a freaking joke. The staff here seemed so lazy and uncaring and this really ticked me off big time.





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At best you will receive a mediocre education, that is if only you can shut out all the extremely poor behavior by other students. the foul mouth swearing is chronic, the talking is loud and excessive, and the fights among female students, weekly. i feared for my safety on many occasion. it seemed like the instructors didn’t know how to control their class and it was a zoo. it was appalling. i read that the instructors get bonuses for keeping everybody in that they can, that is, as long as the school is receiving the funds from the students, so many students graduated that shouldn’t have – a major insult to those of us who really tried and cared. i can’t say that the instructors don’t care, i think they do if you show that you want to learn, the problem is the curriculum is poor and because of this, you will not receive a solid education. some teachers probably are teaching in up over their heads and then get beaten down by the crap that the majority of students dish out on a daily basis. they are probably afraid of the students and don’t want to cross their paths. awful.

I realized too soon but then it was too late to quit, that i had made a major mistake by attending this school. i am now stuck with an enormous debt to pay off but fortunately found a job. i agree with all the other posts that p&c is a money mill and that the higher ups don’t care about the students, just their money. I will be paying off a loan for the next 25 years for a crummy education but will most likely go in to deeper debt to go back to college and get a real education. i signed the dotted line believing the bill of goods that wasn’t delivered.

I am not proud that i graduated from p&c because anybody can as long as their money comes in. do yourself a favor and run, do not walk, away from attending this school. pay the extra money and go to college. you will be grateful that you did, and you will probably be much safer on a college campus. p&c is a danger zone.

btw, we all can’t be wrong.

What is the HOTNESS FACTOR and why would I rate something that I have no idea about?!?!?

Shut this place down. 25 k waste of money. Do not sign any papers. Just look at the reviews their instructors and their bosses are just a bunch of scum, Chicopee campus especially. It will be really nice when they only have some “potential cash” that’s what they call people interested in the school. Before they will parade you around they make sure all the students look happy in their uniform. They will honestly spend like 5 day cleaning the school to make it nice then. This should be illegal.

Yes their curriculum is non existent. How can you sell school to people and not have a curriculum. Grades do not matter here if they want to get rid of someone here they will and you will get robbed. They change the rules everyday don’t get suckered by these people like i did. Spread the word

Job placement doesn’t work there.

I went to Porter and Chester for the job placement assistance more than the paper I would receive in the end, and they said they would find me something. Throughout the term there was only one solid interview that was 1.5 hours away from home, Groton CT, to be exact. I went to the interview and didn’t get the job because of my lack of experience, and the cost benefit factor commuting there. That was the last interview Porter and Chester ever set me up with and apparently Porter believed I didn’t present myself well enough. So, they called the interviewer to verify what went wrong. First and foremost, its not rocket science to see that commuting a 3 hour drive back and forth each working day, would be a financial burden for $11 an hour.

Just before finishing, Porter and Chester had the nerve to say that I owed them $1600.00 dollars out of pocket, even though I had financial assistance to cover everything. So I questioned them where the $1600.00 came from. “Go see (will not mention name)” So I did and no answer was calculated to justify this $1600.00. NEVERTHELESS, right in front me, I did see something so very interesting during their failing attempts to calculate a $1600.00 figure. Turned out they owed me $3300 dollars.

Hi parent of two students graduated from watertown campus..what’s going on at this school??BS 101..both had 4.0s medical assisting and autotech..no jobs..mr palmer the only one going out of his way to help..in auto..huge loans no jobs as promised. Then the kids give up with my phone ringing off the wall for the $$ to b paid back..this is fraud don’t committ to borrowing federal funds from govt and false promises of jobs after they graduate..its getting worse..no hookups or connections in wtby..or ur not bilingual no JOBS period..terrible..this is fraud and deception. The schooi is pumping out the loans with an 80percent default status upon its grads..putting them in line for food stamps not to mention depression..what is the ratio of grads overall from these campuses getting reliable jobs after their internshios?? These statistics need to b researched b4 any student borrows from any PC institute.. some one might consider a class action lawsuit for fraud!!!

Even giving this school one star in each category is a stretch. This school is a total scam and should be revealed for what they really are. Its quite obvious reading these reviews that the same complaints from different students and parents are mentioned over and over. I would advise anyone and everyone to stay clear of this school. You will be paying thousands of dollars for an education that you will either not get or never have a chance to get but your still going to have to pay off those loans. Sound fair? Do yourself a favor and go to a real school like so many stated in their complaints they ended up doing in the end. This so called “school” is a joke!!!!!! I cannot stress “joke” enough. I wish I had done a google search and found all these complaints before I let my son enroll there only to end up with $27,000 in loans and no certificate.

School is a complete fraud. They hire instructors that merely understand the courses. We went thru three 3 “instructors” in 13 months. This is mainly a self teach school. The faculty could really care less about you as an individual. They change the “standards” or “rules” on a weekly basis. 27k and this place isnt even worth it. People make false promises here and don't deliver. Would not suggest anyone to come here. Save your money do yourself a favor and go to a real college not a mediocre trade school.

Porter and Chester sux! After 1 year, I still cannot find work. I am working as a waitress instead. I have called the school in Enfield Ct and never had any of my calls returned. False hope is right, once you are done… so are they. They should be reported to the Better Business Bureau. I am shocked that they have not been investigated yet. If somebody could afford a lawyer than I would def jump on and start a class action law suit!

Waste of time and money. No mention when i enrolled that i would need 8,000 hours of field experience before i could become a licensed electrician. The company that i work for now offers free schooling to their employees. Save your money and go to a smaller school. These cheaper schools ($2800/4yrs) will not offer the same hands on as the PCI labs but you will make up for that in the first month in the field, trust me.

This school is a waste of time.

I'm in auto mechanics and my teacher never lets me bring.in my car to work. on. He has a few select that he hands out work to and then lets the others watch.

My teacher yells at students and says we cant work on cars because we are not professionals. He is denying me education and I am dropping out ...by the way Porter & Chester Institute in Woburn is already on their third school director. I wounder why.

I have mixed emotions, I’ll be graduating from the Watertown Campus in July – I have all my certs, 4.0 GPA, etc – and yeah, my instructors are pretty neat.
However, it simply wasn’t remotely worth the money and other depressing things that came along with it all.
In a nutshell I feel as if I paid 27,000$ for a narrator to the books/power points.

I was shrouded into believing I was going to work with “top of the line technology” and all of our computers in our wing (Computers!) were probably the slowest/oldest in the school.

A brand new desktop out of Walmart for 400$ would easily dominate any computer in our lab.
Not cool, not cool.

Their job placement was another trick they pulled me in with, but now after knowing the 3 previous graduating classes, I know that will not happen, regardless of my performance in class.

Recap, you’ll be paying 27,000$ for a few books, maybe a flash drive to wow you, certification vouchers that total to about 6-700$.

Honestly, I’d suggest reading up on the internet and taking the A+ test BEFORE enrolling, then you’ll see how you would’ve wasted your money.

– Sincerely, Someone who doesn’t want the boot.
1.29/5 stars