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Porter and Chester Institute Reviews

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Porter & Chester Reviews

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K says :

Wow I was planning on enrolling in the dental assisting program at the Porter & Chester Institute Chicopee campus for January. I’m extremely grateful for this many other reviews about the school. I will definitely not be attending PCI and will invest my money and time into a real accredited school where I will have a promising start for my future as I’m only 19. Thanks again to everyone who has exposed this school for what it really is.



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YC says :

I was also planning to help my son to pay for Porter & Chester Institute (electrical program). We just went there and the cost is 27,000 from which 23,000 is out of the pocket expenses. (students loans). I am so glad I read this review.


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Former Instructor

..."Porter and Chester is a for profit business. They will admit anyone willing to pay the tuition. Many of the students were recent high school graduates who brought with them the same work ethic that they displayed in HS. I felt bad for everyone. The students with a real work ethic never got the education they deserved and the immature students learned nothing except that they were responsible for the student loan money they wasted".



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Anonymous says:

Porter and Chester over in Chicopee was a freaking joke of a school and a total complete waste of time and I am saying this right now that this place sucked big time. The selection of classes seemed decent as they offered a variety of courses such as dental assistant, Electrician courses and computer course and a few other courses but the course I ended up taking was an automotive course and the course sucked big time. I was disappointed because I felt that the course was just crap and I didn't learn much from it so this sucked. It was pretty much all basic stuff that I could have learnt from a friend so this did suck a bit.

I didn't learn anything useful during the course and it was quite boring. Now the money it cost to go to this crap school was crazy and it ran me around fifteen thousand dollars which was a rip off and I was told that credits may not be able to transfer and this was a freaking joke. The staff here seemed so lazy and uncaring and this really ticked me off big time.





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The sad reality of the situation is that a trade school education will not give you a hands-on education. Lincoln Tech, Porter and

Chester, Fox Institute of Business, etc. all cannot compare to a college education. Porter and Chester, above all, are a joke. I almost went there for computer networking. They touted all this ultra-hands-on curriculum, and receiving vouchers to get A+ and Network+ certified, but it was all b.s. I've talked to several people who attended Porter & Chester and had HORRIBLE experiences.

Unfortunately I had the worst experience with this Porter & Chester.

I trusted this business with 30 thousand in loans. Most of the course my class had to teach ourselves. Our teacher left and we were out in a room with worksheets, it's a wonder I graduated

Porter & Chester promises job placement which I got until laid off and was then left in the lurch called and asked for help and have gotten nothing but bills. Tried to make a change for my family and now what do I tell them when we are homeless ?

I had gone to Porter and Chester in Watertown Ct for automotive technology in 2012 and I give this school a big two thumbs down. I would never recommend this school to anyone that wants to learn a trade. find someone willing to teach you on the job.

If I could go back and tell myself to listen to my father I would of never gone to that school. I learned very little and no longer even work in the field because of lack of growth, older techs aren’t leaving because they can’t afford to and businesses can’t afford to pay lube techs more than $10-$13 an hour which is not enough to live on for the type of work you do and the it doesn’t cover the cost of paying the loan back if you’re like most people and cannot manage money well.

If you need something to do for a few hours a day and don’t mind wasting $28,000, then you should consider this “Institute”. Do something productive with your life like make a sandwich, or take various pills and see what happens. Anything is better than this place. Porter and Chester has as many redeeming qualities as North Korea.

The administrators will try and sweet talk and BS you about job opportunities, career training and a great learning environment. Do not fall for their cockroach-like ways. It is all lies. They want your money and nothing else. You are better off spending it on left handed coffee cups or polka dot paint.

In conclusion, this place is a giant pink sock. DO NOT WASTE YOUR VALUABLE TIME AND MONEY!!! You are only on this earth for around 75 years, don’t waste one of them here. If you do enroll. you will be disappointed. You will be getting F’d in the A constantly.

Only attend if you have the time and energy to teach yourself most of the material. Teachers just breeze through the material and don't explain much. Truly is a cash cow but you can get certified quickly if know your stuff.

I don’t know why everyone complains about this school. I get so much done during my day at PCI. We talk about how to get married, how to get laid, how to suck dick, homos, pedophiles, rapists, world problems, racial profiling, entertainment, and just utter nonsense. I’ve seen people just leave because they been shocked from what we do all day instead of what were supposed to do. Some gay guy driving a smart car left because he was insulted by everyone’s comments. We haven’t learned anything since we've come here. and i’ve been here almost the entire time required. Every employee here is full of crap. They treat you like royalty when your about to sign your life away to porter and chester, but after that they couldn't care less about you. The people from career services don’t help us at all. They just copy and paste your name on the same resume….how helpful. The school also guarantees that 95% of the grads have gotten jobs….most likely at McDonald's. So as i only touch the surface of this topic just do yourself a favor and don’t come to this school. you’ll have a better future if you sell your body on the streets.

PCI can eat my shorts..

I have 6 months left in the computer class at Chicopee and this class is such a joke. We spend most of our time surfing google or watching movies and playing games because The teacher gives us 3 hours to write our name on a piece of paper.

Nobody cares about the students at this school. They sure do make you think they care when you first tour the facility, then when you sign up its clear to see the truth.

Wow I was planning on enrolling in the dental assisting program at the chicopee campus for January. I’m extremely grateful for this many other reviews about the school.

I will definitely not be attending will invest my money and time into a real accredited school where I will have a promising start for my future as I’m only 19. Thanks again to everyone who has exposed this school for what it really is.

Started this school in 2011 seemed pretty good at first. Then as the excitement faded I begin to realize I was getting robbed. It doesn't matter the grades you get or if your there for every class. The financial aid department at the school is there to help but they have to follow the rules set forth by the schools board. Which sucks plain and simple. You sign papers over a year ago and they act like things dont happen in peoples lives which can change financial situations. Constant threats of being tossed out of the program your attending if you fall behind on ur in school payments. Which is about 50 dollars a month for the average student. Even though they get paid from the government which is a lot more money.

Good lawsuit though if they kick you out mid term and they dont give back to the government. If you go nights, no one is there to help you out either. Director of pupils waits till class begins then happily leaves the building for the night. Understaffed financial aid department leaves fairly early too. If you have money to blow pay up to go and you have yourself a nice place to hangout and meet new people/friends. But the school doesn't care about you just the money. You can have a great GPA and perfect attendance and your just another dollar sign to them. Instructors do the best they can but you can see frustration in their eyes. More students then instructors to help you out to learn.

Who ever runs this school needs an intervention because they have no idea whats really going on with America these days and the job placement guy is a joke. Types you up a resume that's on standard computer paper shows you how to look for a job yourself. Using the internet. Most of us are grown ups we know how to find jobs using a computer. If your lucky to get placed you will be somewhere that you wont even be able to live and pay your student loans back. 10 bucks an hour or less in some cases.

They use IPads right now instead of books. ( big money for books that are a software program, that many times never worked for me I waited many months for issue to be corrected. Valuable time in studies was lost. (Important to read as much as possible because, here is the catch, we actually are renting the books, because after 2 years, guess what, you can't access them later???!!! Kinda a harsh...