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Porter and Chester Institute Reviews

Enfield, Rocky Hill, Watertown, Branford, Suffield, Chicopee Massachusetts

Porter & Chester Reviews

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K says :

Wow I was planning on enrolling in the dental assisting program at the Porter & Chester Institute Chicopee campus for January. I’m extremely grateful for this many other reviews about the school. I will definitely not be attending PCI and will invest my money and time into a real accredited school where I will have a promising start for my future as I’m only 19. Thanks again to everyone who has exposed this school for what it really is.



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YC says :

I was also planning to help my son to pay for Porter & Chester Institute (electrical program). We just went there and the cost is 27,000 from which 23,000 is out of the pocket expenses. (students loans). I am so glad I read this review.


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Former Instructor

..."Porter and Chester is a for profit business. They will admit anyone willing to pay the tuition. Many of the students were recent high school graduates who brought with them the same work ethic that they displayed in HS. I felt bad for everyone. The students with a real work ethic never got the education they deserved and the immature students learned nothing except that they were responsible for the student loan money they wasted".



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Anonymous says:

Porter and Chester over in Chicopee was a freaking joke of a school and a total complete waste of time and I am saying this right now that this place sucked big time. The selection of classes seemed decent as they offered a variety of courses such as dental assistant, Electrician courses and computer course and a few other courses but the course I ended up taking was an automotive course and the course sucked big time. I was disappointed because I felt that the course was just crap and I didn't learn much from it so this sucked. It was pretty much all basic stuff that I could have learnt from a friend so this did suck a bit.

I didn't learn anything useful during the course and it was quite boring. Now the money it cost to go to this crap school was crazy and it ran me around fifteen thousand dollars which was a rip off and I was told that credits may not be able to transfer and this was a freaking joke. The staff here seemed so lazy and uncaring and this really ticked me off big time.